Direct Approach

By prioritizing local sourcing, we are able to build close relationships with potential candidates, establish trust, and fully understand their professional aspirations. We make it a priority to personally meet candidates, conduct face-to-face interviews, and visit potential workplaces. This enables us to present you with qualified candidates who not only possess the required skills but will also seamlessly integrate into your work environment. Local sourcing also offers considerable advantages in terms of speed and responsiveness. By leveraging our local network, we can quickly identify available talent in your area and mobilize them effectively. This reduces hiring timelines, optimizes the recruitment process, and minimizes the constraints associated with travel and administrative procedures.

Digital Approach

At Recrut&Sens, we understand the crucial importance of finding the most qualified and suitable talents for your company. That's why we have invested in cutting-edge technologies and a team of experienced professionals specialized in digital sourcing. Our digital sourcing approach is based on several key pillars. Firstly, we utilize advanced search tools and online recruitment platforms to explore a wide range of talent sources. Secondly, we leverage data-driven strategies to optimize our digital sourcing efforts. Thirdly, we prioritize employer branding and digital engagement. We understand the importance of showcasing your company's values, culture, and opportunities to attract top talent. Lastly, we embrace innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and automation to streamline the sourcing process. By combining these pillars, our digital approach enables us to cast a wide net, identify high-quality candidates, and deliver efficient and effective recruitment solutions tailored to your specific needs
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